Chinese Officials visit the UK’s NHS

MannionDaniels welcomed a delegation of eight Chinese health officials and academics to the UK in July 2009 for a specialist study tour to look into health service quality and performance in the NHS, during an event-packed programme in London and Bath.

The tour brought together a diverse range of speakers from, among others, the Department of Health, and National Institute of Clinical Excellence, think tanks such as the Picker Institute, and representatives from the Royal College of General Practitioners. Alongside this excellent sharing of knowledge, delegates were invited to visit a community hospital in Warminster, a local GP surgery, and join a round table discussion with local experts from BANES Primary Care Trust, chaired by Councillor Malcolm Hanney.

This was the first of a series of study tours organized by MannionDaniels, which will take Chinese health professionals and policy makers around the world, investigating the health systems in different countries. The aim of this international exchange of knowledge and ideas- is to be able to translate international best practise into a local Chinese context.

China does not currently have an equivalent to the NHS, but its government is now leading efforts to establish a system of healthcare for all citizens. This major health system reform initiative aims to tackle challenges such as the lack of affordable healthcare, poor quality of care and weak public health functions. It is also addressing the significant inequalities in health that can be found, for example, between poorer western and richer eastern provinces, as well as between urban areas and remote rural populations.

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