Mobilizing for HIV/AIDS Integration Project

Client: Population Action International

Dates: January 2008 – June 2009

The Mobilizing for HIV/AIDS Integration Project supported CSOs to develop integrated Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment proposals to the Global Fund (GFATM) in selected African countries. The coalition of organisations included Friends of the Global Fund Africa, the Global AIDS Alliance, Interact Worldwide, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and IPPF Africa Regional Office (IPPF-ARO), and Population Action International (PAI). The project aimed to:

  • Develop an advocacy strategy for accelerating country demand and Global Fund support for integrated RH/HIV programs and services, including the provision of RH supplies
  • Support in-country organisations in preparing proposals to the Global Fund’s HIV/AIDS component that integrate RH and HIV/AIDS services, including RH supplies
  • Persuade the Global Fund’s Secretariat and other key structures to prioritise RH/HIV integration as a critical component of scaling-up access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care, and a cost-effective use of limited resources.

In the design it was recognised that building regional capacity and providing technical assistance to CCMs and CSOs on integration issues was an important component of the programme. MannionDaniels was requested to join the coalition to provided technical support for the development of two “Technical Assistance Hubs,” one in West Africa (Friends of the Global Fund Africa) and one in East Africa (IPPF-ARO).

These Hubs were being piloted to increase access to, and quality of, national and regional consultancy support in the field of integration of SRH and HIV/AIDS. Training for the Regional Hubs was provided through two training sessions by MannionDaniels and WadeGair – one in London and one in Nairobi.

A best practice document has been written on establishment of national/regional technical assistance centres in Africa.

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