Partnerships for Transforming Health Systems Phase II (PATHS2)

Client: Abt Associates International

Dates: August 2008 – July 2014

PATHS2 is a six year DFID-funded project in Nigeria to strengthen and reform the health system, working towards their Millennium Development Goals for sustainable, pro-poor healthcare.

MannionDaniels are supporting the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria as they work to:

  • Improve health care in poor areas
  • Achieve long-lasting results from aid through co-operation between projects
  • Raise awareness of health care rights and responsibilities, especially amongst vulnerable groups
  • Strengthen management and accountability in the health sector
  • Increase and improve the training for medical staff, and the flow of medical supplies.

The emphasis of our work for PATHS2 is in promoting awareness of rights and responsibilities linked to improved health and well-being. As almost half the population of Nigeria is under the age of 18, promoting education both about entitlements and the ability to self-manage health is crucial amongst in-school and out-of-school youth.  Our awareness work also focusses on safe motherhood,  engaging communities through participatory methods such as drama and communication body tools.  A short film on the use of communication body tools to promote awareness of pregnancy danger signs can be watched here.

An initial result of our awareness raising work is the short educational documentary Agenda 4 Health. Identifying issues relevant to the health and well-being of youth, both in and out of school, will form the basis of developing interventions to improve the situation. As part of the efforts to increase access to health care information, we have supported the development of the Ministry of Health website.

Health Sector Co-ordination and Aid Effectiveness.

The development of a new National Strategic Health Development Plan in Nigeria was a major step forward in establishing a government owned and led agenda for reform.  The process of developing the NSHDP was a turning point in coordination between government, its parastatals and Development Partners (DPs), and its adoption by the National Council on Health (NCH) means that there is now a strong national framework for development of the health sector and more harmonised support from partners.

Under the PATHS2 program, MannionDaniels worked closely with the Department of Planning in Abuja to undertake a fundamental review of the health sector coordination mechanisms that exist, at both Federal and States levels, published in March 2011. This review supports the NSHDP,  focusing on improvements in coordination and aid effectiveness and highlighting the need for change in the way the Federal Ministry of Health, State Ministries of Health, and DPs do business and coordinate their support.

The review recommended a number of basic changes ranging from restructuring and merging of committees, to reducing the number of meetings and improving the way those that remain are conducted.  It called for better engagement of civil society groups and better information on who is doing what and where across the country. The council adopted the main findings of the review.

MannionDaniels will continue to provide technical support to the FMOH, SMOHs and parastatals, and work closely with DPs to implement the recommendations as adopted by the Council.  Support will also continue for the Joint Annual Review process in the health sector that will act as a key annual stock-take on progress.

Read the Review of Coordination and Harmonization in the Nigerian Health Sector Summary Report here.

For more on increasing participation in public health discussion, read the ‘Ask Nigeria’ briefing paper here.

Visit the PATHS2 website here.

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