Somalia needs assessment and framework for health management capacity building

Client: World Health Organisation (WHO Somalia)

Dates: April-May 2011

The overall objective of this project was to build the management capacity of health managers at zonal and regional level in Somaliland and Puntland. The first phase is to conduct a needs assessment and develop a framework for capacity building. Working in close collaboration with all partners, including UNICEF and zonal health authorities, MannionDaniels is working to:

  • Develop a tool to assess the need for management capacity strengthening.
  • Carry out a needs assessment to identify key components of effective management of health services including: managerial knowledge and skills, increasing managerial staff, management support systems and an enabling environment.
  • Develop a framework of management capacity strengthening for Somalia, based on the findings of this assessment.

A management capacity building needs assessment report will be produced together with a framework for management capacity strengthening. MannionDaniels is reporting to WHO Somalia and working in close collaboration with UNICEF Somalia.

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