Continued Health Systems Strengthening work in Northern Nigeria

Building on the successes to date, MannionDaniels is pleased to continue our involvement in Northern Nigeria as part of the DFID-funded MNCH2 consortium (led by GRM Futures).  MNCH2 will focus on improving the quality, coverage and demand for integrated maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH), routine immunisation services, and health timing and spacing of pregnancy.  Crucially the programme will be a country-led programme, maximising national capacity to provide effective and quality services in the field of MNCH.  The project targets six states in Northern Nigeria – Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Yobe and Zamfara.  Maternal mortality ratios in Northern Nigeria are among the worst in the world.  More information on maternal mortality in Nigeria can be found here:

The Northern region presents complex challenges, for example there is a much lower coverage of skilled health workers to support pregnant women.  Period of insecurity also lead to disruptions in provision of critical MNCH services, which is why working with local health workers in partnership with federal and state governments is essential.

MannionDaniels will be responsible for supporting the health systems strengthening process, building the capacity of government and health workers to manage an integrated health system.  We will draw on our experience in the PATHS2 project, where we supported the federal Ministry of Health (MoH) and the state MoHs in Lagos, Kano and Kaduna to improve efficiency and effectiveness of external aid to the sector.  In the MNCH2 programme, Strategic Planning Coordinators based in each Northern state will provide technical support in planning, budgeting and management to the state MoHs and the state Primary Health Care development agencies.  This work will be coordinated by a central Strategic Planning Advisor who will also provide crucial links with the federal MoH.  MannionDaniels will use the behaviour change communication models and tools we have rolled out in the North to ensure appropriate continuity of interventions that provide positive results for behaviour change.

The MNCH2 project represents an opportunity for MannionDaniels to continue contributing to improvements in maternal, neonatal and child health for the next 5 years.  As a consortium, we are in a good position to build on the experience of PATHS2 and PRINN-MNCH to ensure positive results, even in the toughest of environments.

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