A new 5-year Health Sector Programme for Nepal


The new 5-year Nepal Health Sector Programme (2015-2020) will draw on the policy directions outlined in the recent National Health Policy (2014), as approved by the Cabinet.  The NHSP-III is emphasising the need for greater output-based and decentralised planning and budgeting for the sector.  The plan will also indicate the importance of ensuring financial protection for the poor and give more attention to improving quality of services across all areas of the health system.  NHSP-III will aim to build financial sustainability, better coordination and strengthened partnership with non-state partners. The MoHP will be looking at stronger regulation of the sector including measures to ensure quality of care through commercial and not-for-profit health providers. The rise in non-communicable diseases in Nepal poses a big challenge for the Ministry and in response the new plan will include components on promoting healthy lifestyles and working to create healthy environments.  An emphasis will be put on the importance of good information and self-responsibility  for health.  MannionDaniels is supporting the NHSP-III building on its earlier involvement in the Mid-Term Review of the current NHSP-II. The work on the new sector programme is on-going.


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