We recognise that the health of people and planet are interdependent and our green policy links this global vision to local action.

Environmental Policy

MannionDaniels believes that caring for the environment is inseparable from our work in human health, social equality and harmonious business development. We aim to promote an understanding of the interdependence of health, well-being and the environment, both in developing countries and the UK, and to make environmental consideration pivotal to our work.

As a company, we are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, complying with environmental legislation and other requirements relevant to our activities. Consideration and monitoring of these factors in alignment with the business activities help to form our Environmental Management System (EMS), providing the framework for setting environmental objectives and targets. The EMS, its policies and procedures are reviewed annually to ensure continual improvement and enhance our environmental performance.

Our Green Office Action Plan targets one of our primary environmental aspects coming from office energy use and waste. It encompasses energy efficiency, waste prevention, recycling and environmentally aware purchasing.

Fully engaging with the communities whose health systems our projects support necessitates relatively frequent international air travel; we are addressing this by embracing conferencing technology to eliminate unnecessary travel, including domestic travel by our consultants. In addition to this, Co2 emissions from flights undertaken by MannionDaniels staff are calculated annually and offset through investment into local sustainable energy projects.

Inspired by the ethos that creating positive change in our own locality is the best foundation for our international work, we subscribe to Biodiversity for Business a membership scheme for businesses who want to make a positive impact on biodiversity.

Biodiversity for Business

Biodiversity for Business is transforming seven acres of land in South Devon that had been previously been damaged by agricultural malpractice. They have committed to its regeneration and protection as a nature reserve. The Biodiversity for Business scheme is run by Hummingtree, a Social Enterprise dedicated to biodiversity in the UK.

We have been awarded our ISO 14001 certification by British Standards International, the ISO 14001 is a stringent international standard which commits us to a continual cycle of environmental improvement.

The development of this policy and revisions has been carried out under the direction of the Company Directors.


Director, 20th October 2016

Picture: Gorse in blossom at Lannacombe.