Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Financial Year December 2015 – November 2016


Under the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 MannionDaniels is required to publish a Slavery and Human Trafficking statement for each Financial Year. MannionDaniels is committed to, and has taken steps to prevent Slavery and Human Trafficking within our own operations and within our suppliers and partners. We acknowledge that our success is very much dependent on the qualities and attributes of our employees and our associates throughout our supply chain. MannionDaniels recognises the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business and the significance of promoting the highest ethical principles in every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

Our Organisation

MannionDaniels is a UK registered limited company. We work within the international development sector with a focus on delivering public health services that benefit the people who need them most. MannionDaniels supports governments, communities and other organisations providing professional advice and services in policy, strategic planning, governance and programme management, with a focus on international health and social care.

Our teams work with many partners, consultants, stakeholders and civil society organisations across sub‐Saharan Africa and South Asia, working on public health, health systems and sustained poverty reduction in marginalised and vulnerable communities. For the year ending 2016, the average number of staff working for MannionDaniels limited was approximately 45 staff based in our UK offices.

Our Polices in relation to Slavery and Human Trafficking

MannionDaniels’ Directors have assessed our policies and procedures in relation to Slavery and Human Trafficking and our approach to managing our suppliers. Given the nature of our work with collaborators working across many difficult environments, we have in place a range of policies and procedures to promote ethical standards and to identify and prevent risk. We have since incorporated Slavery and Human Trafficking into our code of
conduct. We are in the process of reviewing and updating our full set of policies and procedures to ensure references to modern slavery are explicit and we are reviewing our training needs throughout the organisation. The updated code of conduct has been made available to all staff with instruction to review the updates and confirm their acceptance and understanding of the changes. The key policies that relate to our prevention of Slavery and Human Trafficking include:

  • Code of Conduct; MannionDaniels has a code of conduct to maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to the company, customers, suppliers, other employees, associates and all stakeholders. The expectations and acceptable behaviors relating to specific areas of legal compliance are reflected in our policies and procedures including Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Fiduciary Risk Framework; we apply an evidence based assessment of the capability and capacity of our supply chain, and a structured and proportionate methodology to identify and assess risks. Our fiduciary risk policy facilitates good decision making in the selection and management of suppliers, establishing a baseline upon which to monitor their performance, identify improvement plans for them and provide a good governance audit trail
  • Due Diligence: We apply best practise due diligence approaches to our supply chain. This has been updated to include an assessment of policies for integrity and code of conduct including Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • Whistle blowing: MannionDaniels whistleblowing policy is publicised widely and supported by a 24/7 telephone line and web based reporting system which allows for the reporting of concerns through a safe and secure mechanism

Effectiveness of our policies

MannionDaniels is committed to continually measuring and improving our policies. We have dedicated teams that work closely with our supply chain to ensure transparency and to monitor compliance with our standards and policies. This includes adherence to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). We undertake internal review of our approach on a frequent basis and have key performance indicators in place for the provision of support and capacity building that we provide to our supply chain.

Matthew Wiltcher, Director of Operations

Matt Wiltcher