Our Policies

The following policies and statements apply to all employees, business partners and representatives engaged by MannionDaniels. Our Business Code of Ethics sets the standards for the way we work in all our activities and locations. We have also published an annual statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

All these documents are revised on a regular and/or needs basis. It is therefore important to visit this website from time to time during your engagement with us. If you have a query regarding any of the policies/documents, please contact the MannionDaniels Operations and Compliance team.

pdf-icon Anti-Corruption Fraud and Bribery Policy (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Safeguarding Policy (28 March 2019)

pdf-icon MannionDaniels Business Code of Ethics (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Modern Slavery Policy (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Health, Safety and Security Policy Statement (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Equality and Diversity Policy (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Counter-Terrorism & Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement
(22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Conflict of Interest Policy (22 February 2018)

pdf-icon Whistleblowing Policy (26 February 2018)

pdf-icon Environmental Policy (26 October 2017)