Technical Team

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 David Daniels Director, MannionDaniels

David Daniels

 Rolla Khadduri Head of Learning

Rolla Khadduri
Fund Director AmplifyChange

Alex le May, Grant Support Team Leader, AmplifyChange

Alex le May
Deputy Fund Director AmplifyChange

Karen Stephenson Technical Lead, UK Aid Direct

Karen Stephenson
Technical Lead, UK Aid Direct

Joe Martin Financial Adviser

Joe Martin
Head of PFM/ Fiduciary Risk Management

Amy Jackson
Technical Specialist
International Programmes

Katie Peel Technical Adviser International Programmes

Charlotte Howell-Jones Communications Manager (Maternity cover)

Emese Kovacs Grants Officer

Emese Kovacs
LME Specialist AmplifyChange

Paula Alexander Grants Portfolio Officer

Paula Alexander
Technical Performance Manager, AmplifyChange

Suzanne Walker Grants Portfolio Officer

Suzanne Walker
Technical Performance Manager, AmplifyChange

Thomas Read Communications Officer

Thomas Read
Communications Officer