Alexandra Hall, Communications Coordinator


Alexandra HallAlexandra is a communications expert with experience in a diverse range of sectors. Alexandra is Communications Coordinator for MannionDaniels and is responsible for the communications portfolio of the company, currently her main focus is managing the external communications for AmplifyChange including overseeing the design of the Fund’s website.  Alexandra joined MannionDaniels as a consultant prior the launch of SRHR fund AmplifyChange in September 2014, and was so engaged with the fund and the health sector, decided to make the consultancy a permanent position. Alexandra began her career in contemporary art – this focus on aesthetics and curation was an excellent grounding for future branding work and website development. She moved into magazine editorial, to build upon this strength with aesthetics and keen eye for detail to widen her overall communications expertise – from copy writing and photography to brand development. Alexandra was in charge of editing high-income sections of various magazines, overseeing the whole publication process of each feature, finishing in publishing as Assistant Editor and Special Features Editor. Alexandra then started producing freelance features for various magazines, whilst working as a website developer and consultant.