Getting Girls Back to School in East Africa (Knowledge facilitation)

Image credit: Population Council Kenya
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
6 months
End date
October 2021

The goal of the ‘Getting Girls Back to School in East Africa’ project is to understand how Covid-19 has affected girls’ education and what near-term efforts are needed to ensure girls get back to school and learn.

The participatory process is to crowdsource from on-the-ground experiences of, and research by, East African organisations. With the recent (and impending) re-opening of schools in countries in the region, there is an opportunity to engage interested members of the Regional Educational Learning Initiative (RELI) network and a wider group of gender experts from the region in an explicit conversation about girls’ education in order to:

  • Understand the current problems
  • Identify gaps in our understanding
  • Illuminate solutions
  • Coordinate messages.

MannionDaniels is acting as the knowledge facilitator, to:

  1. Gather information: conduct semi-structured Key Informant Interviews and a rapid literature review to analyse and produce a summary report and one-page brief on current problems and research gaps in girls’ education in the context of Covid-19 in the region.
  2. Plan and convene two virtual workshops including: co-designing the convening to ensure a participatory, inclusive and virtual process and good facilitation, handle all production aspects, develop agenda, visual story-telling and infographics.

Who else is involved

Population Council Kenya

Photograph credit: Population Council Kenya