UK Aid Connect – due diligence assessments

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
One year
End date
December 2018

UK Aid Connect is a Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) fund supporting large grants to consortia working on a variety of complex development challenges.  Organisations in the consortia represent a broad range of think tanks, research institutions, foundations and philanthropic organisations, the private sector, large and small civil society organisations and social movements.

The first funding round of UK Aid Connect had a total value of £138m. MannionDaniels was responsible for completing due diligence on the first round of successful grants for Connect.  The in-house Fiduciary Risk Team led these assessments, which were completed followed FCDO standard practice examining the governance and internal control, ability to deliver, financial stability and downstream delivery of the grant holder.  Assessments centred on both the consortium leads themselves as well as the internal controls governing the delivery chain.

Who else is involved

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