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Our in-house digital team re-developed and built numerous websites in WordPress to support our fund management work and improve our own company profile. The website designs and builds have been informed by user testing and analytical analysis of the pre-existing websites. All designs put the user’s needs first, looking to make the most important information easy to access. We have considered the audiences and why the majority of users will be visiting the websites. We’ve made sure that the pathways to the information they need are easy to navigate and not more than two clicks away.

The designs for the websites were created by our communications team and look modern and fresh. We’ve looked to create engaging developments such as our interactive maps. Our in-house digital team have built the designs to function on desktop, tablet and mobile. They’ve considered scalability and functionality. They’ve considered the time it takes to update the content and tried to build a backend that reduces the time spent on keeping the websites up to date. There is also space for future design developments where necessary.

Website management is always an ongoing process, we continue to oversee new developments, make improvements from an accessibility perspective for disabled users and undertake maintenance on all websites.

What was achieved

UK Aid Match:

Between May and July 2019, the communications and digital team worked together to refine and enhance the UK Aid Match website with a focus on simplifying the funds application process.

The design of the site was stripped back, streamlining navigation and presenting clearer journeys for the users. Fund news was also given a more prominent place in the new design, users were more easily able to subscribe to our mailing list and resources were easier to find and download.

Key achievements:

  • Resource downloads have increased by 300%
  • Our newsletter mailing list has grown significantly
  • User testing results have been positive showing easier navigation through the website.

In 2020, the communications and digital team will be looking to develop the grant holder areas of the website and improve accessibility.

UK Aid Direct:

The UK Aid Direct website underwent a refresh from January – March 2020. The current site has grown over time and needed to be cut down and the design modernised.

Content and site structure were reviewed prior to the final design phase. Several pages were removed, and content was condensed. This was based on user feedback and interviews. After this process had taken place, a design was developed to re-fresh the remaining website structure.

Key achievements:

  • Improve navigation for applications and grant holders
  • A searchable grant holder map which allows people to see how funding is being used
  • Fund impact messages are now shared throughout the website.

Throughout 2020 we will be looking to assess and improve the digital accessibility of the website to make sure that disabled users can access all content with ease.


In 2019 the MannionDaniels website undertook a full re-design.

MannionDaniels has grown and evolved, and the previous website did not clearly show who we are or what we do. We have not only re-developed the design and page structure to fit with an updated brand and user needs, but we have also updated the content of the website, which we continue to develop and maintain.

Key achievements:

  • Content is clearer and the website is easier to navigate
  • The news design fits with our new brand guidelines and a suit of new materials
  • The project map shows previous experience and gives a strong feel for who we are and what we do
  • The ‘Join us’ page gives users a feel for what it is like to work for MannionDaniels through personal statements.


The AmplifyChange website is accessed by around 50,000 users per year. The website is dual language, in English and French, and has a broad user base consisting of grantees, donors and applicants.

The communications and digital team collaborated on a new design for the AmplifyChange website. This was launched November 2019. We carried out user testing, surveys, research, and a content audit of the previous site to improve the site structure. Involving our key stakeholders throughout the process ensured that any changes were driven by their needs. We created a new design to increase accessibility and functionality of the website – simplifying the navigation and enhancing the user experience. In particular, we highlighted the impact and knowledge sections of the website.

MannionDaniels continues to provide expert support to the ongoing evolution of the AmplifyChange website as the Fund enters its second phase as an independent platform.

Grantee feedback is crucial to our approach and we continue to review the website following input from grantees.